Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Linda Tucker Foundation emerged out of the ground breaking scientific work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust which Linda established in 2002 with her partner, Lion ecologist Jason Turner.

The Global White Lion Trust was founded on nearly 10 years of cultural and scientific research as Jason and Linda grappled with the scientific, historical and spiritual significance of the White Lion.
Jason was at the forefront of the project to identify the genetic marker that sets the White Lion aside as a rare sub species of panthera leo, and was also largely responsible for the unprecedented success of the undertaking to re-wild the technically extinct White Lions into their endemic habitat in the Timbavati region. It is thanks to these efforts that 13 White Lions are now living in their natural habitat – the only 13 in the world with that privilege, as all the other White Lions in the world are in zoos, circuses and captive breeding programs which feed the lucrative cub-petting and “Canned Hunting” industries.

The impressive list of achievements of the White Lion Trust earned the respect of conservation leaders, indigenous authorities and renowned personalities the world over and has created a benchmark for the implementation of responsible, sustainable leadership in conservation.

In the story of the White Lions captured so brilliantly in Linda’s two books, Mystery of the White Lions (2001) and Saving the White Lions (2013), the threads of physical science and sacred science have been demonstrably inextricable.

The deep wisdom of the ages has walked hand in hand with cutting edge scientific understanding, each thread informing, supporting and edifying the other. This inseparable, symbiotic relationship continues in the work of the White Lion Trust and the Linda Tucker Foundation, with the Linda Tucker Foundation emerging to take on a global educational, ambassadorial and inspirational role in unceasing support of the ongoing work of the White Lion Trust, always in the best interests of the legendary White Lions.

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