René Ragan - USA Director

René-Ragan USA Director

“One of most compassionate, organized, and enlightened people I know, a living example of LionHearted Leadership in action and in service. What a great choice for Director of our USA operations.”

Reverend René Ragan is an interfaith minister with a wealth of corporate and community experience.

René is the founder of a spiritual center and interfaith church and has served on many boards for non-profit organizations.
Having restructured and managed large health clubs in the private sector, Rene has also set up a number of non-profit organizations and served on their boards.

As a career advisor, Rene has worked with Ph.D. candidates and designed personal development programs and workshops. Undaunted by challenge, she is also the founder of a day-care centre, a spiritual centre and an interfaith church, and has been a spiritual counsellor for many years.

Her primary interest in people as well as nature has focused on the importance of communication as a bridging tool. After serving as Vice President at a research and development company that specialized in communication skills and teambuilding, she developed her own consulting business that designed and delivered workshops and seminars on communication skills, diversity training and customer service.

Linda Tucker and Rene presenting in Sedona
A radiant example of LionHearted Leadership™ in her life and work, Rene is one of the facilitators of the White Lion Leadership Academy, bringing her business acumen and spiritual alignment as powerful transformative tools to the leadership training.


Linda Tucker’s support-base in the States has been long-standing, with a number of key non-profit organisations joining her in partnership during the founding stages of the White Lions’ protected area, and ongoing, including The Wild Foundation, CoreLight and NYC-based One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Leading philanthropist, Sheryl Leach, Creator of Barney the Purple Dinosaur, provided funding for the freedom of King Aslan (code-named “Mandla”) and secured vast tracks of ancestral territories to extend the protected area.

As a long-standing supporter of the cause, Rene Ragan has now taken on the mammoth task of educating a largely lion-less world about why it is vital for the survival of the planet and humankind that we rally together to ensure the safety and well-being of the White Lion in its endemic habitat. Humans and ecosystems are intimately connected.

With her pioneering spirit deep-rooted in nature and humanity, René Ragan’s is ideally suited to take Linda Tucker’s 12 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ into the USA in all fields of personal development and human enterprize.
And with Rene’s enormously skilled network over a lifetime, Rene has gathered around her a wealth of advisors and people-resources to help her complete this task.


Linda with Sheryl Leach - USA Patron - Creator of Barney the Purple dinosaur


Hollywood film producer and Creator of the Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Sheryl Leach is one of the world’s leading educationalists and philanthropists, providing support to charitable causes that aim to achieve social unity and wildlife conservation on many continents.

She generously donated large tracks of wilderness land to extend the White Lions’ Protected Area, along with funding to ensure the reintroduction of a critically important founder lion (King Aslan aka Mandla) into the wilds of his ancestral kingdom. She lives in Connecticut, where her foundation supports emerging sustainable community farming initiatives

“I learned that Nature is magical and Magic is natural. This Law is Co-Creation –  
the 9th Law of LionHearted Leadership”

– Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker on CBS  “These Amazing People”

America’s Prime TV Channel covers Linda Tucker’s story from the catwalk to the big cats.



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