Does anyone have the right to destroy a Global Heritage?

“Passing of Resolution 33 at the World Wilderness Congress 2009″

Linda’s years of work with indigenous communities over 3 decades and published  book on their cultural importance (Mystery of the White Lions, 2001) is supported by the passing of Resolution 33 at the World Wilderness Congress 2009 (attended by delegates of 51 countries), initiated by Linda Tucker calling for the protection of the White Lions and all white (spirit) animals.

It was underwritten by indigenous Climate Change authorities:

( )

High Chief Francois Paulette of the Dene Nation:


Ilarion  “Kuuyux” Merculieff

Resolution 33 has been reinstated at the Bioneers Conference (California, USA)  by these authorities, and leading indigenous elders from different continents, and who Linda Tucker and Jason A. Turner  in recognizing the white lions as important an “climate change indicator species”.


Linda Tucker


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