One United Roar

One United Roar  – O.U.R Campaign for Nature

Launched on 22 August 2016 in the month of Leo, to commemorate CECIL, the Zimbabwean Lion whose brutal killing last year at this time by an American tourist ignited the hearts of millions, the One United Roar Talent Challenge invites the LionHearted children of the world to speak for the lions.


Whether you sing, dance, act, or give a speech, make your ROAR heard.


Amazing prizes include an opportunity to travel to White Lion territories, and become an ambassador for lions during the Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES, 24 September – 5 October 2016) when the world’s policy makers legislate on the fate of the lion species.

Lions are the ‘silent stakeholders’ in these policies that determine their fate.

We have to give them a Voice – and a Vote.

This Talent Challenge is intended to bring support for lions from all corners of the earth through the voices of the future – CHILDREN.

This is a high visibility call to action and a call to arms but with a difference: celebration – not warfare – is the weapon of disarmament.

The campaign will be rolled out via social media and other vehicles worldwide.

Submit your online video entries and vote by peer review on social media: 1 Like = 1 Roar.

24 finalists will be chosen and a high profile panel of international adjudicators will take it from there.

The Judges include Game of Thones Star, Jerome Flynn, and Hollywood Film Director, Creator of Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Sheryl Leach.

A winning pride of six “StarLions” will be chosen from finalists to speak for lions and flown out to the heart of White Lion territories for a fun experience in time for the CITES Convention.

They will be joined by six StarLion Ambassadors, local children from the Sepedi and Tsonga nations who have inspired the world by celebrating their White Lions as a living heritage.

Linda Tucker invites you to enter the

Worldwide Talent Challenge

C.I.T.E.S   I.U.C.N   A.F.W.S

Policy makers of the world.

Stop talking. And Listen.

“Ask the Lion”

Parliamentary interventions

After the Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) legalized the lion bone industry in 2017 by approving permits for cross-border trade in dead lions, as many as 1500 lions have been killed annually in South Africa, and exported as skeletons to Eastern markets, including China, Korea and Laos. Appallingly, these beautiful creatures, held under abysmal conditions of cruelty before being slaughtered for their carcasses, are the same lions who were once manhandled as baby cubs by people, including tourists and children on school outings.

 Over decades, Linda Tucker and Jason A.Turner have presented at Parliaments in South Africa and Britain, calling for a prohibition of this abomination.

 In 2018-19, the Global White Lion Protection Trust convened a delegation which presented on behalf of the lions at South African Parliament, and subsequently helped formalize a coalition of international conservation and animal welfare organisations to hold governments accountable.

Protecting a Sacred Natural Site

As a global conservation figure with a track-record of achievements over 3 decades, Linda’s efforts focus on achieving a paradigm-shift not only in wildlife management, but also human consciousness. She does so through LionHearted Leadership™ initiatives, inspired by the White Lions and all they represent by way of earth stewardship and good governance.

Protecting the White Lions’ ancestral lands holds the key to Linda Tucker’s unification strategy.

According to African record keepers, the Heartlands of the White Lions is an ancient Sacred Site, protected by African kings for many hundreds of years before Kruger National Park was proclaimed in 1926. In the first language, the White Lion Heartlands is known as ‘Tsau’, meaning ‘StarLion’.

It has since been recognized by ASSEGAIA  (Alliance for the Sacred Sites of the Earth Gaia), the global authority on Sacred Natural Sites, calling for much stricter protective measures.

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“Humankind created this problem, so humans are in a position to find creative solutions”

  – Linda Tucker



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Photographers: Veronica Coetzer, Karen-Jane Dudley, Maurice Fernandez, Anthony Smyth, Beth Duncan, Jason A.Turner