How we can individually and collectively re-establish a clean and clear relationship with money, with the intention of protecting the planet and restoring harmonious co-existence with nature.

There is a simple concept weaved organically into the fabric of Nature: take what you need. No more, no less.

Yet, this is a knowledge that humanity seems to have lost, as we have increasingly alienated ourselves from the soul of that which surrounds and sustains us.

In my recent Money as the Golden Currency of Love  workshop, I spoke into my understanding that humanity is in the 13th hour: beyond the clock, in free-fall, when all is at stake – but where miracles are possible, such that we can find our way back to grace.

An offshoot of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™,  this workshop was focused on how we can intentionally shift our relationship with money, so as to harness it as a tool to support all life and restore harmonious coexistence with Nature.

Over the course of the three-day event, I had the pleasure of interviewing three inspirational guest speakers, whose extraordinary life stories deepen the core thesis behind money’s potential to be a golden currency of Love.

Re-linking money with a consciousness of conscience

So, where did humanity go wrong? In the workshop, I spoke into the idea that humans have broken our contract with Nature to uphold the Flame of Life . This was the turning point in our species’ history: where we should be acting in service for future generations, we have instead been plundering for short-term personal gain.

Together with our workshop participants, we discussed how most of the money on the planet has been earned through some form of bloodshed – from displacing people and pillaging lands, to the generations of inherited wealth rooted in oil and extraction, to modern-day corruption and the banking system.

Given that “money is energy,” there are profound possibilities for wealth to be seen, offered and gifted from a place of purity, and, in so doing, we have the opportunity for the purification of our individual and collective generational traumas.

The model of consumerism that has been established over the millennia makes the world a very hostile place for all inhabitants – including ourselves – because it’s all about take, take, take and grab, grab, grab, and very little concern reciprocal giving or protection of the true flow of resources from Mother Earth.

Even within the conservation world, there is a tendency to see the planet as a means to be harnessed for human gain. The older, “If it pays, it stays,” conservation model which was introduced 50 years ago has now morphed into the concept of “sustainable use” of our Earth – and was formalised in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. But, as I’m sure we can all feel in our hearts, the word ‘use’ is vibrating at the wrong frequency. Even our terminology is indicative of a consumerist model, which inevitably leads to violations of Nature.

This model is starting to deconstruct – and indeed must deconstruct if we are going to restore harmonious coexistence. Money, which is so easily corruptible in the hands of humans, can instead be repositioned as a golden currency of Love.

True Governance: Predation vs Consumerism

Being in a good-governance role on our planet is not about greed or lack or want, it’s about: “How can I be of service to the whole?” When coming from this perspective, the flow suddenly opens, and we find that we actually have the resources to achieve our hearts’ desire. Why? Because, as the word indicates, ‘re-sources’ come from Source if we are in the Golden Flow.

This is The Key to ushering in the prophetic Golden Age: linking money to a consciousness of conscience. However, to do so, we must return to the true principles and value system behind predation, as illustrated by the careful balance of Nature’s food chain. Inspired by the luminous White Lions, who restore balance and harmony, we can actively move away from the current consumerist system which operates from exploitation at its core.

In a true system of predation, like the one that plays out in Nature every day, the Lions as the apex animal at the top of the pyramid of Life are the hunters and kings of their domain. In the true understanding of predation, the apex predator, rather than taking, receives that which is granted to them. At a deep indigenous level, it is understood to be an exchange of energetic gifts. Instinctively built into the system is a responsibility to provide for, protect and serve others that are lower down in the natural pecking order, thereby ensuring that everyone has enough and the system itself does not collapse. In that way, the apex predator’s role is to restore balance and ensure continuity of Life.

In fact, the loss of an apex predator from a natural system is often the cause of environmental collapse. The good news is, just as an ecosystem can be restored through trophic cascading, so too our own systems of money can be brought back into alignment with true value to promote the flourishing of all Life.

Restoring balance through the laws of Love

We need to see harmonious coexistence not as our endpoint, but as our living present point, effectively bringing that vision of the Golden Age into here and now.

LionHearted Leadership™ is all about overcoming our fears through the laws of Love, thereby restoring a golden balance and harmony that we find in Nature and our true natures. Conversely, a system based in fear instead of Love is what continues to root money in exploitation. From a fear-based perspective, money is viewed from a place of lack – either as one extreme, the victim, or its counterpart, the tyrant – both expecting material resources to replace the emptiness of heart and soul. But if we change our perspective to one of Love and service, we find a middle way – an alignment (or what I call in my leadership training, “A-LION-MENT,”) that links us to the true currency of the heart, direct from Source. And that is what allows for an unstoppable flow.

Choosing the middle way of the Golden Mean, bringing money back into alignment with value, puts us on the path of gold – which is the consciousness held by the White Lions. The original predation model of governance of this planet exists in stark contrast to the, “I want, I want, I need, I need, therefore I take, take, take,” bottomless greed approach which exemplifies the human consumerist model.

So, through the way of the White Lions, we can find a solution. They show us what true governance is – what the laws of Nature look like, when they are living in expression – and so, they chart the way for us. They exemplify what true harmonious coexistence is when Love governs our planet.

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