Rev Debbie Schmidt - Director, Practitioner Studies

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“Debbie’s quiet assurance and calm demeanour generate a depth of trust.
It’s the mark of a great coach and counsellor that her very presence seems to guide her students to their own wisdom.”

Rev Debbie Schmidt is Director of Practitioner Studies

Rev. Debbie Schmidt, is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and InterSpiritual Counselor.
Rev. Debbie has served as the Head Advisor for One Spirit Learning Alliance’s InterSpiritual Counseling Program (ISC) in New York City, NY, USA, where she assisted in the visioning, development and implementation of materials for the ISC program and curriculum.
Her role included the coordination of all ISC students including the development and implementation of related materials, working with ISC students individually in support of their journey through the ISC program; and the oversite and management of all program advisors.


She currently serves as an InterSpiritual Counselor and Supervisor for the ISC program. In addition to her ministry and counseling practice, Rev. Debbie comes to us with more than 20 years of corporate experience, and is an experienced facilitator and speaker in workshops, groups and committees in a variety of organizational settings.

Her wealth of experience and deep, heart-centred understanding of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership uniquely equipped her to help with the development of our training program and to guide our very first graduate Practitioner group through a process that spanned the entire globe.

“The 10th Law of LionHearted Leadership™  is Good Governance. If I understood anything about the Great Knowledge, it had to be that treasure or gold is not a material issue”

– Linda Tucker



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