Margo Naude – UK Director

Margo Naude – UK Director

With a background in law and many years of indirect involvement with Linda Tucker’s projects, Margo became the UK Director of the Linda Tucker Foundation in 2018.

Having completed the Igniting the LionHeart youth training, her work in service of the White Lions further deepened her understanding of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™.

In 2019, Margo took over the role of Admissions Officer for the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™, and in 2020 her familiarity with the training was further deepened by her involvement in the launch of the first ever online 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ course.

Under Margo’s protective wing we have a wonderful team of volunteers who help to facilitate LionHearted Leadership™ workshops and increase awareness about the plight of the White Lions.

Linda Tucker with Jerome Flynn - Patron of the UK Charity


When Linda Tucker had her life changing experience with the lions in South Africa in 1991, her home and career were both in the UK. Additionally, one of our very first sponsors, who enabled us to rescue the first pride of white lions was also from the UK.

Read more about Mireille Vince and her role in the White Lion Trust in Linda’s book, Saving the White Lions (2013).

Over the past three years, The Linda Tucker Foundation is proud to have created a permanent base in the UK with a large circle of long-standing supporters including award-winning photographer Karen Jane Dudley, donor Rev Ingrid Scott, fund-raisers Ann Fowler and Kerry Roddy, entrepreneur Tracey van den Brand, fine artist Jules Chabeaux and song-writer David Chabeaux and a pride of long-standing enthusiasts whom we are proud of!

The activities of the UK Office range from organising awareness-raising marches to eco-cultural activities which link the privileged youth of the UK to the youngsters in the StarLion centres, which we support in one of the poverty nodes of South Africa. Here many rural children are responsible for child-headed households, and financially poor but are rich in culture and LionHearted spirit.

We also host workshops and talks during Linda Tucker’s visits to the UK, where our non-profit has helped establish an all-party political group (APPG) in Westminster, the purpose of which is the protection of endangered species, and maintaining a keen watch on international conservation legislation which impacts on the blood sport and trade in animal body-parts.

Linda Tucker is joined by Jo Summers (Partner of the legal firm PWT Advice LLP) and and Lee Saudan (Marketing Consultant)  as Trustees of The Linda Tucker Foundation,




Star of the popular series “Game of Thrones” and “Ripper Street”, Jerome Flynn has supported the Global White Lion Protection Trust’s efforts through many generous means including public appearances in the Global March for Lions and long-distance running events.

Linda Tucker as Guest Speaker at Awakening to Animals Conference

“The 12th Law of LionHearted Leadership™ is Aspiration: Reconnect with the Stars. We all have Star potential, but we can’t reach it without reconnecting with Mother Earth.”

– Linda Tucker



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