Faculty Members & Presenters

Linda Tucker and Princess Kabelo, Patron of the Leadership Academy

Linda Tucker and Princess Kabelo, Patron of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership

Faculty Members & Presenters for the Academy for LionHearted Leadership


Youngest member of All-Saints College Oxford, Co-Founder of Wisdom University and Founder of School of Sacred Activism, Andrew Harvey has authored over 20 books. Andrew Harvey is a Founding Member of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership and advocate for Linda Tucker’s 13 Laws in LionHearted Leadership™ as key transformational tools in changing our world.


President of the Organisation of Professional Astrology (OPA), organizer of astrology conferences, notably the River of Stars in Hawaii, and Kundalini Yoga master
(12th LAW: Aspire: Rediscover the Stars)


Member of the Oneida People, Hawaii, Founder of Wisdom University’s “Indigenous Mind” program, the Global Big Cat Alliance and President of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, Dr Apela Colorado is dedicated to bridging dialogue between Western thought and indigenous worldview. Founding Member of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership, Apela Colorado deepens an understanding of the 9th Law of Co-Creation, and together with together with Linda Tucker developed the shamanic technique of White Lion dreaming.


Leading philanthropist and pioneering animal healing practitioner, Angela Neumann is a benefactor of large tracks of sacred heritage lands for the White Lion pride roaming in their ancestral territories. Angela Neumann’s presentations at the Academy for LionHearted Leadership focus on the 3rd Law of Communication: Share the Roar


With a background in law and many years of indirect involvement with Linda Tucker’s projects, Margo became the UK Director of the Linda Tucker Foundation in 2018. Having completed the Igniting the LionHeart youth training, her work in service of the White Lions further deepened her understanding of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™. In 2019, Margo took over the role of Admissions Officer for the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™, and in 2020 her familiarity with the training was further deepened by her involvement in the launch of the first ever online 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ course.


Renowned Interspecies Communicator, founder of Animaltalk Africa on-line Academy, animal expert in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust over 2 decades.


Jungian Psychoanalysis and Dream specialist, (9th Law of Co-Creation: Live your Dream) advancing Linda Tucker’s powerful White Lion Collective Dreaming training, as well as personal one-on-one psychoanalysis sessions.


A contemporary Interspiritual minister who founded the Sunday Soul Connection a virtual cyber community; the CBD Charitable Trust which works in all areas globally; and is the sole owner of Bryant Unlimited a manufacturing business that’s been flourishing for over 35 years.  She is currently completing her doctorate.  Her motto: life is uncomplicated, when we live it with love for the Transcendent, the other, and self, along with the recognition that to be successful, one lives a life of gratitude and service.  10th Law: Governance: Steward your Resources.
See: http://www.1000londoners.com/londoners/ingrid/



BAHons (Psych) BEd Hons, MEd (CPTF)  – Mae Naude is an expert advisor on structural re-editing of published philosophical and life-development works. She serves on the committee of the Linda Tucker Foundation as a developer and overseer, “midwifing” the developmental programs of 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, with a primary focus on educational development. Having advised on the Academy program from its foundational stages, Mae Naude offers depth workshops and individual one-on-one sessions for leadership participants of all ages.


Having served on boards of NGOs and the private sector, including Vice President at a research and development company specializing in communication and teambuilding, Rene Ragan developed her own consulting business, designing and delivering workshops and seminars on communication skills, diversity training, and customer service. Rene is one of the facilitators of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership, bringing her business acumen and spiritual alignment as transformative tools to the leadership training. She leads regular fire side chats, unpacking and sharing collectively as well as providing the opportunity for personal consultations.

With special guest presenters and indigenous healers/medicine people  of the lion lineage including Zimbabwean Lion Medicine Man, Mandaza Kandemwa – http://www.mandaza.org/
Bakwatiye Makgopane and Maria Selowe

Bakwatiye and Maria are traditional healers of the Tsonga and Sepedi peoples who have unfailingly supported Linda Tucker’s pioneering efforts to save the White Lions as a critically important living heritage. In the tradition of Maria Khosa’s timeless lion spirit ancestry, their traditional ways of honouring Earth’s healing medicines and divination guided by ancestral forces continue to serve human health and the health of the earth simultaneously.

Bakwatiye and Maria join Academy initiates in accessing White Lion dreaming as part of the 9th Law of Co-Creation.

*Note: Presenters and program is subject to revision at any time without notice


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