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Take effective action in your life, in service of our planet and humanity.

THE PURPOSE of the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™ is to address the most critically urgent crises of today, including politics, economics, education, religion, culture, value systems and, most fundamentally, sustainability. It does so, however, in an entirely unique heart-centered way. Although focused on modern innovative techniques, the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™’s methods are founded on the most ancient indigenous knowledge systems, more relevant now than ever before.

THE TRAINING activates LionHeartedness™ to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift: from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.

INSPIRED by the White Lions, the Leadership Academy offers an Initiatory training in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, formalized by Linda Tucker, after 3 decades of pioneering work in protecting these magnificent animals, and their message for humanity.

Every year, an immersion in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ is held over a 4-week period, which takes place in the Heartlands of White Lion ancestral territories. Established in 2012, the Academy is led by Linda Tucker and has attracted multicultural participants from around the globe, with workshops and intensives delivered by world class facilitators in a variety of fields.

That quality of Fearlessness inspired by Love and Respect for our natural world, that enables us
to change our human world. It makes us unstoppable.” 

– Linda Tucker

In our human striving for excellence, purpose and fulfilment, these 13 Laws teach us how to work with ourselves, with each other and with Nature to bring us back into being a state of harmony that will, ultimately, enable us to save our planet from the consequences of the terrible imbalances that our human unconsciousness has brought about.

This kind of empowering “Ignition” of the Heart can transform humanity, change the course of history, and save the world.

By restoring our own health and balance we aid planetary healing.

By remembering our true natures, we can support Mother Nature.

By reclaiming natural law, we reevaluate the inadequacies of our human laws.

We are then in a more empowered position to act – and influence the positive outcome we wish to see in our world.

The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership

The most effective way to address the ills in our environment is by changing ourselves.
At the Leadership Academy, it all starts by igniting the LionHeart”

– Linda Tucker

Typical Testimonials from the Lion’s Mouth
creating a lionhearted world with the White Lion Academy

Feeling solid, grounded and connected.
Looking forward to next steps.
Feeling equipped and capable, ready to enact one’s life’s dream.
Finding one’s true passion, and the practical tools to express it.
Fired-up, ignited, brighter and clearer.
In love with one’s body and with life itself.
Feeling humbled and ready to serve.
Being present, knowing the future will take care of itself.

“Wonderful magical time and place. Truly transformational, and now it’s time to start my part of the bargain – to begin to transform things”;

Richard Grainger, Business Manager (UK)

“Joy re-ignited…A formidable step on the way to achieving my calling.”

Andris Barblan – PhD, world traveler, who has held positions as  Secretary General at Magna Charta Observatory, Director’s Assistant at European Cultural Centre, and Youth Secretary at World Council of Churches (France)

“Life-changing and extremely valuable for those who want to get empowered”

Rev Monique Schobart, MBA Marketing & International Business, PhD Chemical Engineering, developmental specialist with healing arts certifications (Switzerland)

“More than teachings – guidance that will positively affect the rest of my life.”

George Philip – President in Financial Services Company (USA)

“An experience of beauty, alignment, warmth, co-creation – which I will always remember…the 13 Laws help you discover your purpose, what you stand for.”

Aikya-Nathalie Verburg – International teacher, Youth Facilitator, Auroville Global Community initiative (India)

Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™

Annual curriculum:      22 November – 22 December 2018

Six years after its founding, the Academy has already produced leaders of quality in many fields – some of whom are returning to tell this year’s students how the Academy changed the course of their lives.

Every year, Linda Tucker is joined at the Academy by ground-breaking world experts in their respective fields, some founding faculty members as well as invited guest speakers, whose knowledge and wisdom takes participants deep into an appreciation of the power of one or more of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™.

LionHearted Leadership™ Practitioner program

Relevant and life-enhancing in every industry and every walk of life, the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ may be used under license as a transformative tool to bring balance and purpose into the business arena, human resources and life-coaching.

NOTE: “LionHearted Leadership™ Practitioner” accreditation may be granted after participation in the Academy, followed by a six-month period of carefully supervised monthly online classes.

The right to use the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ and associated developmental materials in education and training to enhance many existing behavioral and psychotherapeutic modalities may be obtained under annual renewable license.


Ignition of the LionHeart program

One week intensive training to spark the flame of LionHeartedness in emerging youth leaders.
Held 2x annually.

Step into your purpose. Discover your pawprint. Uncage your gifts.

One-week intensive training for emerging leaders and the young at heart.

Book for the next Ignition training: 3-10 April 2018 & 8 – 15 July 2018   Read more:

The dates for Igniting the LionHeart Training are: 

3 – 10 April 2018     &     8 – 15 July 2018

13 Adventures Overland Tour (13 Laws in 13 Days): 4-16 Feb 2018

13 Adventures
13 Laws in 13 Days
LionHearted Leadership™ inspired by nature’s King of Kings
An overland gold-route tour to the LionHeart.
Organized by the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™

Led by Linda Tucker.
In Support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

For more information about the White Lion Leadership Academy OR to order Linda’s books,please email:

Founding Faculty Members and Presenters
at the Academy for LionHearted Leadership

Academy for LionHearted Leadership

Linda explains its importance

“We live in a meaningful universe where everything happens for a reason. At the Academy for LionHearted Leadership, you’ll learn how to hear Nature’s voice and read her signs”

– Linda Tucker



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Photographers: Veronica Coetzer, Karen-Jane Dudley, Maurice Fernandez, Anthony Smyth, Beth Duncan, Jason A.Turner




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Reach your star potential. Maurice Fernandez, an acclaimed international Evolutionary Astrologer, explores the 12th Law of Aspiration at the 2018 Academy for LionHearted Leadership™.

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum of the Academy, please join our free webinar which will take place at 5pm (GMT+2) on 2nd of June, where Linda will give insight into the LionHearted Leadership™ Academy. Register to join the webinar here:

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Linda and Jason want to thank the winner of the silent auction, Yvie Armstrong, who will be joining us at our private conservancy for a romantic long weekend in our stunning treehouse, as a result of her winning bid. Thank you, Yvie, for your support! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

We would like to say a huge thank you to the founder of the Animal Energy World Conference, Marie Holliday, for choosing the WLT/LTF as the 2018 charity of choice and for inviting Linda and Jason to speak, raising awareness of the White Lions and the plight of all Lions. Thanks to all the delegates over £5000 was raised to help support our work which is absolutely fantastic! A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this special annual event. Please join us in sending healing and love to dear Marie who sadly was taken unwell during the conference. We wish you a speedy recovery Marie. <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

Happiest of birthdays to Jason Turner! Thank you for being a fearless leader and for all that you do for the Heartlands and those who live there 🦁 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

The Animal Energy World Conference in Manchester was enthusiastic, courageous and pioneering, not least that approximately 1/4 of the delegates were four-legged! Better behaved than most human animals in congresses, there was a cacophony of barks when Mandla's ROAR sounded in the video! And so, too, when Jason's opened his talk on the lions of Timbavati! Go figure... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

Linda is Keynote Speaker and literally speaking as we post at the 5th Animal Energy World Conference in Manchester. England. A large room filled with animal healers, communicators and huge hearted souls, such a special global gathering. The conference has chosen the GWLPT as their charity of choice this year and are raising funds especially for the White Lions. A huge thank you to Marie Holliday - founder of the conference and to all attending and supporting our cause. ... See MoreSee Less

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Speak heart-to-heart with the Royal Pride, listen and hear their message for humanity. Wynter Worsthorne, renowned interspecies communicator and founder of Animaltalk Africa, guides exploration into the 3rd Law - Communication - at the 2018 Academy for LionHearted Leadership™.

Learn more about the Academy on our website:
OR join a free webinar on the Academy, hosted by Linda Tucker - more info here:
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Ignite your true LionHeart at the 2018 Academy for LionHearted Leadership™. Linda Tucker, along with a team of inspiring guest speakers and facilitators, will guide you through full immersion in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership.™ Emerge renewed and equipped to change your world.

More info here:

If you would like further information regarding the curriculum, please join our free webinar which will take place at 5pm (GMT+2) on 2nd of June, where Linda will give insight into the LionHearted Leadership™ Academy. Register to join the webinar here:
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3 weeks ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

North Wales,UK, is Linda’s first destination on her European tour. 13 LionHearted individuals travelled from far and wide on Friday 4th May to join Linda for this very special 13 Laws weekend retreat. With the sun shining brightly, nature clearly responding to our prayers and the powerful conversations from our hearts, this gathering is truly extraordinary - the White Lions are with us! Our stunning wilderness retreat venue is an eco- off grid centre and couldn’t be more connected to nature. ... See MoreSee Less

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