Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™

Find the ‘LION’ within:

Take effective action in your life, in service of our planet and humanity.

THE PURPOSE of the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™ is to address the most critically urgent crises of today, including politics, economics, education, religion, culture, value systems and, most fundamentally, sustainability. It does so, however, in an entirely unique heart-centered way. Although focused on modern innovative techniques, the Academy for Lionhearted Leadership™’s methods are founded on the most ancient indigenous knowledge systems, more relevant now than ever before.

THE TRAINING activates LionHeartedness™ to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift: from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.

INSPIRED by the White Lions, the Leadership Academy offers an initiatory training in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, formalised by Linda Tucker, after 3 decades of pioneering work in protecting these magnificent animals, and their message for humanity.

LionHeartedness is that quality of fearlessness, inspired by love and respect for the natural world, that enables us to transform our human world. It makes us unstoppable” 

– Linda Tucker

In our human striving for excellence, purpose and fulfilment, these 13 Laws teach us how to work with ourselves, with each other and with Nature to bring us back into being a state of harmony that will, ultimately, enable us to save our planet from the consequences of the terrible imbalances that our human unconsciousness has brought about.

This kind of empowering “Ignition” of the Heart can transform humanity, change the course of history, and save the world.

By restoring our own health and balance we aid planetary healing.

By remembering our true natures, we can support Mother Nature.

By reclaiming natural law, we reevaluate the inadequacies of our human laws.

We are then in a more empowered position to act – and influence the positive outcome we wish to see in our world.

The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership

“The most effective way to address the ills in our environment is by changing ourselves. At the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™, it all starts by igniting the LionHeart.”

– Linda Tucker

  Duration and Provisional Dates for 2022/2023:

The Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ offers two Intensives per annum, each taking place over a two week period in the Heart of White Lion territories.

New Intensives will be posted at least one year in advance of their occurrence.

Participants are welcome to attend the Intensives in any order, and are also welcome to repeat an Intensive to deepen their understanding of the associated Law.

All participants will have lifetime access to the Online 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ Introductory Course. Each Intensive  will also include daily Lion monitoring and yoga practice, a guided day-trip to the world-famous Kruger National Park and a trip to the Sacred Mountains.

Every year, Linda Tucker is joined at the Academy by ground-breaking world experts in their respective fields, some founding faculty members as well as invited guest speakers, whose knowledge and wisdom takes participants deep into an appreciation of the power of one or more of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™.

Typical Testimonials from the Lion’s Mouth

creating a lionhearted world with the White Lion Academy

Feeling solid, grounded and connected.
Looking forward to next steps.
Feeling equipped and capable, ready to enact one’s life’s dream.
Finding one’s true passion, and the practical tools to express it.
Fired-up, ignited, brighter and clearer.
In love with one’s body and with life itself.
Feeling humbled and ready to serve.
Being present, knowing the future will take care of itself.

“Wonderful magical time and place. Truly transformational, and now it’s time to start my part of the bargain – to begin to transform things”;

Richard Grainger, Business Manager (UK)

“Joy re-ignited…A formidable step on the way to achieving my calling.”

Andris Barblan – PhD, world traveler, who has held positions as  Secretary General at Magna Charta Observatory, Director’s Assistant at European Cultural Centre, and Youth Secretary at World Council of Churches (France)

“Life-changing and extremely valuable for those who want to get empowered”

Rev Monique Schobart, MBA Marketing & International Business, PhD Chemical Engineering, developmental specialist with healing arts certifications (Switzerland)

“More than teachings – guidance that will positively affect the rest of my life.”

George Philip – President in Financial Services Company (USA)

“An experience of beauty, alignment, warmth, co-creation – which I will always remember…the 13 Laws help you discover your purpose, what you stand for.”

Aikya-Nathalie Verburg – International teacher, Youth Facilitator, Auroville Global Community initiative (India)

“Why are these the 13 Laws rather than qualities, principles, keys, concepts, etc?
Because these are the original laws governing the harmonious resilience within Mother Nature
and therefore a remembrance of our true natures.

In LionHearted Leadership™ training, I call this “A-LION-MENT”.”

–   Linda Tucker (13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™)

Founding Faculty Members and Presenters
at the Academy for LionHearted Leadership

Academy for LionHearted Leadership

Linda explains its importance

“We live in a meaningful universe where everything happens for a reason. At the Academy for LionHearted Leadership, you’ll learn how to hear Nature’s voice and read her signs”

– Linda Tucker



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