But a very special thank you to each and every LionHearted supporter who joined us at one or more of our events in five different countries. Opening with my presentation in Britain’s House of Lords just moments after I stepped off the plane, and going on to present Igniting the LionHeart workshops in London and the Swiss Alps, to cultural celebration events and public lectures and presentations at universities in Netherlands and Germany, we loved sharing our message on such diverse platforms, culminating with the presentations at Ubiquity University’s Astronomic program in the superlative site of Chartres, France.

We felt honoured and excited to meet and work with guests from a variety of backgrounds: Members of Parliament, youth leaders from Extinction Rebellion, academics in the Dutch scientific field, and everyone!

With our circle of ever-widening support from our international community, we can’t wait to move forward and share with you on some exciting projects planned for the near future.

A special, LionHearted ROAR of thanks to those who made donations whilst we were on this tour! In particular, we would like to thank our incredibly generous hosts and benefactors, Werner & Barbara Diethelm in Switzerland and Eleni & Mikali Gkakikis in Greece. The generosity of the Chartres community was incredibly moving, with a public fund-raiser led by Jim Garrison and the University itself, which succeeded in calling in donations to the value of $25 000 in support of the White Lions flourishing in their protection Heartlands.


Taking the Lion into the Heart of Westminster. Thank you to everyone who joined me in the House of Lords to visualize LionHearted Leadership™ restoring humankind’s governing structures.

What a fantastic evening of networking and sharing ideas and strategies on how to change the patriarchy – the Lioness way! Thank you to our supporters who joined us, and thank you to the amazing Pink Shoe Club, who co-hosted this special event with us in the prestigious House of Lords.

House of Lords, UK

Caterham Workshop, UK

Surrounded by and looking over hills covered in beautiful, wild woods, the group is ready to realign with nature and step into their Pawprints – to Ignite their LionHearts!

The rainclouds parted just long enough for our participants to give their collaborative presentations on their strategies for combating key causes of climate change in the beautiful outside amphitheatre – sharing ideas from permaculture, to reviving ancient knowledge systems, and creating a charter of rights for nature. The trees joyously danced in the wind in agreement!

After an incredibly intense two days, it’s safe to say this group of wonderful LionHearts have made profound bonds of friendship, and have taken important steps in their own Pawprints –  learning to shed what no longer serves them and embrace their sacred feminine power! 

We closed our Ignite the LionHeart workshop with a Global Prayer for Lions – uniting hearts around the room and around the world. 

Special thanks to two of the world’s leaders in interspecies communication, Wynter Worsthorne (AnimalTalk Africa), and founding faculty member of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™  as well as inspired guest speaker, Pea Horsley for their wisdom and insight.

A HUGE ROAR of Thanks to Vegan Nation for sponsoring the exquisite cuisine for the weekend workshop on LionHearted Leadership™ – an inspired event which including representatives from Polly Higgins Team and youth leaders from Extinction Rebellion.

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Caterham collage, UK

Public Lecture in association with Bath Spa University, UK

Hosted in the historic town of Bath, at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, a special thank you to everyone who joined Jason and me for a presentation on the cultural and conservation importance of the White Lions. Usually presenting together, we focused on how Science can unite with Sacred Knowledge systems – to save species. This is, after all,  the essence of our pioneering project on the conservation frontline in the heart of the White Lions fragile ecosystem.

The feedback was fantastic – as the evening concluded with a lively Q&A session which fired the audience up with strategic steps towards serving our planetary restoration.

Bath Spa University, UK

Culemborg, Netherlands

Two faces of White Lions journey to Holland: Jason presenting on the conservation importance of the White Lions at his university (completing his PhD), Leiden, and the White Lion cultural celebration at Andries Kafe Kultuur!

Culemborg, Netherlands

Switzerland: Public lecture Zurich University and workshop at Hotel Fex

On top of the world…at the pristine source waters of Europe where the herds of cows feed on alpine flowers, the LionHearted Leadership™ workshop was effective in modelling the template of right relationship with our planet. Deepest gratitude to Barbara and Werner and Lascaux Foundation for a monumental effort that flowed like a dream.

Switzerland: Public lecture Zurich University and workshop at Hotel Fex

Athens and the Island of Delos, Greece

From the snowy Alps to the sunny Mediterranean ocean: one LionHearted message for humanity at this time of transition.

Athens and the Island of Delos, Greece 

Chartres Astronomica, France

Astronomica, Ubiquity University, Chartres, France. What a privilege presenting to such an inspired radiant-hearted community on the emergence of LionHearted Leadership™ at the brink of our Leo-Aquarius Age. Thank you to inspirational astrologers, Rick Tarnas and Lynn Bell for delving so deep into the crisis and uncovering solutions in these critical times

Chartres Astronomica, France

Departing France on the anniversary of the French Revolution (Bastille Day) and returning to the White Lion Heartlands on the brink of the lunar eclipse, is a tidy reminder that the planetary shifts are taking world leadership into full accountability. After a truly amazing trip of LionHearted Leadership™ training, with participating youth leaders from several countries, I’m celebrating the new revolution.

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