Message from Linda Tucker:

“On this holy day of Christmas, more than ever, we honour the sanctity of Nature, and offer our deepest gratitude to all those who have assisted us in our unfailing efforts to provide freedom to the sacred White Lions in their natural ancestral Heartlands, to fulfil their purpose of creating harmony in their ecosystem and Peace on Earth.”

25 December 2000:
Born on Christmas Day in Bethlehem (South Africa) – in a death camp


2001: Linda Tucker pledges to return Marah to her ancestral lands of Timbavati.
Her name, Ma-Rah, was given by African Wisdom Keeper, Credo Mutwa.


2003: It takes three years of daily struggle – with Marah held behind bars, and her three cubs born in a dark dungeon.


2004: After years of battle, Marah and her three cubs begin their walk to freedom.


Linda and Jason carry lightly tranquillized Letaba, Marah’s first born son, to freedom!


The day that Marah’s cubs saw the sun for the first time, released from the dungeon.


2006: Linda Tucker with dear Patron, Mirreille Vance, filled with relief on the day that Marah and her cubs are finally released to freedom.


The world becomes aware of the White LIons’ return to their Homelands.


Marah, free-roaming and hunting self-sufficiently for her three sub-adult cubs, in her Timbavati Heartlands.


Marah’s strength and determination inspired all who met her, and her legacy lives on in the Prides who roam the Heartlands.


Luminous Lion Ancestor, gracing all in White Lion territories from her
position in the stars.

Linda Tucker tells the context of Marah’s
dramatic release in her TEDx Talk:

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