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Thank you for taking time to read our website, and for showing interest in our leadership work, the magnificent lions, and the bigger picture which drives us.

We are a solution-based, action-based organization. And we invite you to be part of the solution you want to see.

Here’s how you can help:


There are 3 different ways you can choose from to make a donation and help make a difference!

1 – Credit Card

2 – Pay Pal

3 – Making the White Lion Trust a Beneficiary in your Will.

Please visit the White Lion Trust to make your Donation.



By making an online purchase from one of our online shops you are assisting the Global White Lion Trust.

JOIN the One United Roar Campaign  :

Please get involved in assisting to make the O.U.R. Campaign a roaring success!

One United Roar Campaign


Join one of our facilitated groups.

We have an elite group of pre-selected facilitators who regularly bring groups to visit us and the lions. You can apply to join one of these groups to experience a diversity of life enhancing workshops and journeys.

Visit the WHITE LION site to find out more about our advertised program, or write to
Please note that all our groups are hosted by Global White Lion Protection Trust in collaboration with Linda Tucker.



Our volunteer program is designed to give you as much hands-on experience as possible and at the same time, provide you with a never-to-be-forgotten pivotal life event.
Whether you participate in our 2 week volunteer course, 12 Laws of LionHearted Leadership, our Carnivore Course or our StarLion schools project, you are sure leave enriched, open-hearted – and eager to return.

Our Volunteer program is hosted by the Global White Lions Protection Trust in collaboration with Linda Tucker.

“The only way humans can undo the Hell we have created on earth and restore our sacred relationship with nature, is through the heart”.

– Linda Tucker

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Around the world young and old are unifying. Join the movement to protect Lions and Nature.



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