It was a delight and honour to receive the Silver Award for Eco-Angel, but the real celebration of the evening was a watershed moment to reflect on what is ALREADY being achieved through United efforts in service of our planet.

 We all lament at how few people seem to give a damn about the health of our planet, yet even those who do care are often paralysed by the belief that the task is too great, and consequently do nothing: a convenient attitude to inconvenient truths.

 The Eco-Logic Awards, launched by David Parry-Davies, Publishing editor of The Enviropaedia (a wealth of knowledge which has been delivering critical information on environmental crises and how to solve them for many years), acknowledge those who step up. More importantly, the awards acknowledge those who collaborate with others in order to do so. Restoring our planet is not a one-man or one-woman task. And yet, in meeting up with so many people doing such exciting work for change, one can recognize that it really is possible.


Parry-Davies echoes all true conservation efforts today in reminding us of Einstein’s words that we cannot solve the problem with the mind-set that created it. We need to shift our thinking to bring us into alignment with our hearts.

In our LionHearted Leadership training, we call this “A-LION-MENT” – and I was delighted to see a lot of that rare LionHearted quality in all the other finalists and award winners.

Honoured to be an Eco-Angel Silver Award winner
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Receiving the Eco-Angel Silver Award from David Parry-Davies
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The amazing enviro-lawyer, Cormac Cullinan, accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award

No one more deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award than internationally acclaimed enviro-lawyer Cormac Cullinan, whom I first met when we both spoke at the Summit for Sustainable Utilization in 2002.

His book “Wild Law” is a landmark in conservation ethics and strategy, and is being read where it’s most needed, including China, where it’s been selected as one of the 10 best books.

Judges and Judging Criteria

The panel of thirteen judges boasted a range of eco-conscious individuals, who, themselves, have been setting planet-saving precedents in their respective fields.

The judging criteria for the eco-logic awards are logical, or “eco-logical” rather:

  1. VISION – lifts us above ‘doom and gloom’ beliefs and attitudes – inspiring and motivating us to achieve an environmentally healthy and sustainable future (10 points)


  2. INCLUSIVENESS – looking (holistically and systemically) beyond our own narrow focused interests and objectives to see how we can achieve synergies and mutual benefit for others impacted by our business activities (10 points)


  3. RECONNECTION AND BUILDING A REGENERATIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE- by minimising harm to the Earth (10 Points) and creating benefits for the Earth and its eco-systems (another 10 points)


  4. THREE DIMENTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – utilising a combination of Instincts, Intellect and Intuition (3DI) to produce innovative products or services that are intellectually and emotionally intelligent ( smart + feel-good = Wise) (20 points)


  5. UBUNTU – building a mutually respectful, caring and co-operative society (10 points)


  6. ECO-ETHICAL PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION – producing goods and services of high quality (durable) in a manner that has minimum negative impact on people and planet and produces no waste (recyclable or upcyclable) (20 points)


  7. SUSTAINABLE – reflects long-term thinking and planning (10 points)

And those of us who have been through the LionHearted Leadership™ training, will recognize that these “VIRTUES” harmonize beautifully with the 13 Laws (which are, after all, an embodiment and enactment of the timeless laws that have always governed the health of our ecosystem).

David Parry-Davies – Roars of thank you for your massive and ever increasing contributions to Mother Nature by acknowledging those who serve her.

With the green team from event sponsors, Sun International


Amazingly, Eco-Logic sponsor, Sun International, now implements grey water collection systems and in one case, zero-land fill waste recycling.

Delighted to meet up with Karen Barenscher, CEO of U.R.I. (United Religions Initiative) and LionHearted Leadership supporter


I was delighted to meet up with Karen Barenscher, CEO of U.R.I (United Religions Initiative) our partners, and supporters of Igniting the LionHeart,  our LionHearted Leadership program for emerging youth leaders.

With bubbly representatives from award sponsor Sodastream


Representatives from Eco-Logic sponsor Sodastream celebrate a better environment with a glass of bubbly (water) that ensures we return to the benefits of our local tap water and stop the carbon mileage, plastic bottle pollution, and destruction of our source waters as a consequence of the bottled water industry.

Twin Mosia, stylin’ in recycled waste bags


Conservation can be fun – and sexy! Head of Mamafubedu Greening Project, Twin Mosia, took time off his winning cleaning & greening program to charm the ladies in this designer recycled waste bag tailored suit. Step aside, Calvin Klein!

Enviropaedia founder David Parry-Davies and Nthabiseng Tsoamotse, Academy of LionHearted Leadership scholarship recipient.


With David Parry-Davies, inspired publisher of host organisation, The Enviropaedia and Nthabiseng Tsoamotse, Miss Earth Representative and Scholarship recipient of our Academy of LionHearted Leadership

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