Money as the

Golden Currency of Love


with special guests Brad Laughlin, Mariëtta van der Werff and Sarah Grace.

May 5-7 2023
from 8am-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET

Price: $59

All proceeds help to protect the White Lions
in their endemic habitat

Hurry – Seats are limited!

You’re invited…

You’re invited to join Linda Tucker for an exclusive online weekend workshop –

Money as the Golden Currency of Love

with special guests, Brad Laughlin, Mariëtta van der Werff, and Sarah Grace.
Together we will explore how humanity can re-align with the true flow from Source, and ultimately manifest a Golden Age in which all life flourishes. Sharing both personal stories and teachings from 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, these thought-leaders will inspire and assist you in living in A-LION-MENT with your highest potential.

This special online event is not to be missed!

The Speakers

Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker

After being rescued by an indigenous medicine woman from a life-threatening encounter with a pride of lions in 1991, Linda Tucker gave up a career in international marketing to become a conservationist.

 Over three decades, she has campaigned for the White Lions’ sovereignty against the legalized malpractices in South Africa’s notorious cuddle-and-kill lion industry, and raised millions of dollars to secure vast wilderness in the heart of UNESCO’s Kruger-to-Canyons Biosphere, where she has successfully reintroduced White Lions, regarded as sacred animals, back to their natural ecosystem.

 Her pioneering initiatives include the establishment of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ and the StarLion eco-educational program for emerging youth leadership worldwide.

Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin, a published author and world-renowned spiritual teacher, uses ancient Truth teachings, yogic practices, and spiritual psychology to assist people in dissolving old, limiting ego structures that keep us trapped in negativity, pain, and fear. As a co-founder of CoreLight, his transformative events are based on the organisation’s principles of integration and unity consciousness, which help us to know our own inner Divinity — who we truly are.Since 2001, Brad, his partner, Leslie Temple-Thurston, and CoreLight have been ardent supporters of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, playing a pivotal role in securing the original lands which are now officially recognised as the Sacred Natural Site of the White Lions

Mariëtta van der Werff

Mariëtta van der Werff

Mariëtta van der Werff, from Dutch and African descent is a highly acclaimed evolutionary astrologer, entrepreneur and sacred economist, having established her own business in Zimbabwe, producing and distributing African indigenous organic vegetable seeds as the key to regenerative living.

Herself a Wisdom Keeper of the Sacred Site of Great Zimbabwe, Mariëtta has managed and supported the work of leading African indigenous healer, Mandaza Kandemwa, and directed significant ongoing funding support to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, undaunted by economic transformations within her own country and beyond.

Trained as a Journey™ Practitioner and Conscious Coach™, Mariëtta has led expeditions deep into wildlife territories on spiritual journeys where Nature’s voice can be heard clearly, in deep Earth connection with all species, particularly the Elephants.

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace has dedicated her life to humanity’s healing journey and planetary health.

Founder of Somatic Sanctuary, a Sacred Space for healing and embodying Soul Essence in the Heart of Ojai, California, Sarah’s commitment to Life continuity resides within healing the nervous system of the body as it relates to restoring Earth’s nervous system.

Alongside her work in trauma healing and birth support, as a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Continuum Movement® Teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Conscious Birth Doula and Pre & Perinatal Attachment Facilitator, Sarah passionately supports projects that serve Gaia’s renewal. Redirecting money as Sacred Currency, she has supported the Global White Lion Protection Trust in expanding the Heartlands to ensure the White Lions’ critical role of continuity in the ecosystem regeneration.

Schedule of Events

Day 1



Friday, May 5 at 5 – 8pm Lion Time
(8-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET)


How can we transcend destructive archetypes and come into true alignment with our higher selves?

On Day 1, Linda will share a special pre-recorded interview with Sarah Grace, in which they explore how money can be directed as Sacred Currency.
During the live part of the session we will explore some of the classic destructive archetypes, looking at how they have been instrumental in the shaping of humanity’s ancient and modern history. You will learn practical tools that will help you compassionately acknowledge the unbalanced archetypes within you, and bring them into the middle way, known in LionHearted Leadership™ training as “A-LION-MENT”.


You’ll Learn:

  • How to recognise archetypes and their destructive expressions
  • How to rise above harmful patterns that are rooted in self-service
  • How the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ relate to wise asset management

Day 2



Saturday, May 6 at 5 – 8pm Lion Time
(8-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET)

Guest Speaker:

Brad Laughlin


What does it look like when humanity is working from a place of enlightenment and A-LION-MENT?

On Day 2, immerse yourself in a beautiful guided meditation that dreams us into the Golden Age: a visualisation of Harmonious Coexistence and flourishing of all life. From this field of co-creative visioning, Linda and Brad will engage you in a grounding and practical exercise that prepares you for the next step of turning that dream into a reality.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to embrace the power of intention-setting
  • How to extend your field of dreaming beyond the individual and into the collective
  • Some of the ways in which the 10th Law of Governance, 9th Law of Co-Creation and 7th Law of Collaboration can interconnect.

Day 3



Sunday, 7 May at 5 – 8pm Lion Time
(8-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET)

Guest Speaker:

Mariëtta van der Werff


Now that you have dreamed into the Golden Age, what can be done to bring it into existence? Re-establishing a clean and clear relationship with money relies on restoring a true sense of value in ourselves and our soul’s purpose.

On Day 3, Linda and Mariëtta will explore the powerful concept of receiving resource from Source, and how money – which can so easily become a corruptive force – can instead be harnessed as a Golden currency of Love. Mariëtta will also speak into how current astrological events present an imperative for humanity to reform our value systems and our understanding of what true “value” means – and how this reformation could work in practice!


You’ll Learn:

  • Methodologies for wise asset-management, inspired by Nature
  • The difference between ‘sustainable utilisation’ and true good governance
  • How to apply the concepts contained in the 10th Law of Governance to your own unique circumstances

*This event will be recorded, but to help you get the most out of this powerful, interactive event, make sure to join us live each day.


for the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ online training

“This training has been a profound experience for me. I love the meditations and really feel it is changing my life and giving me a renewed sense of purpose.”


“This is very valuable material in these challenging times and will help anyone who is open to explore and challenge belief systems and adjust them to lead a more fulfilled and authentic life in tune with mother earth.”


“ I feel stronger, more confident in who I am. I feel like my foundation is more whole and solid after this first lesson.”


“Extraordinary is the only word I know to describe what has happened for me… the deepest, most profound work I have ever done in my 70 years.”


“The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ is much more than a program, training, or online course of study. It is a journey to the African Heartlands of the White Lions and to your own Heartland; one of introspection, self-assessment, and self-awareness. Those courageous enough to do the work will find their life forever changed. I know I have.”