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creating a lionhearted world with the White Lion Academy

Linda Tucker acknowledges leadership initiatives helping to change the world, inspired by the White Lions.

Andrea Contri is a businessman operating out of Moderna, Italy. After several journeys to White Lion territories, Andrea was inspired by Linda Tucker’s prompt that he was capable of experiencing interspecies communication. He has since become a celebrity figure in Italy, furthering people’s understanding of the imperative to reach across the species barrier, and hear what animals are trying to tell us.

Angela Neumann is a leading philanthropist and pioneering animal healing practitioner, based out of Germany. After reading Linda Tucker’s book Mystery of the White Lions and making a pilgrimage to their heartlands, she and her husband Udo generously donated the funds for extending the White Lions’ Protected Area, securing ancient land by over 1600 acres which includes the source of the all-important Timbavati river. Angela is a founding educator at the White Lion Leadership Academy.

Dr Apela Colorado is the President of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, operating out of Maui, Hawaii, and powerful influencer for change on this planet. After a trip to White Lion territories in 2006, where she introduced Patron and benefactor Sheryl Leach to our project, she founded the Global Big Cat Alliance, which unites predator experts, both shamanic and scientific, to help save species. Apela and Linda have pioneered the “White Lion Dreaming” technique to help restore humankind’s contract with Mother Nature.

Beth Duncan operates out of Baltimore, with a wide-ranging career which includes US Foreign Service. After being called to White Lion territories for 3 years of consecutive leadership training, Beth has coordinated trans-frontier gatherings of indigenous peoples focused on earth healings, and well as business people in the western tradition committed to personal development.

Donalea Patman was an interior designer, operating out of Australia. After a number of trips to White Lion territories, Donalea gave up her flourishing career to dedicate her life to animal activism. She founded Fortheloveofwildlife, and brought the plight of lions to the attention of the Australian government, ultimately prompting a ban on lion imports into Australia.

Rev Ingrid Scott is an interfaith minister, entrepreneur and warm hearted philanthropist operating out of an exquisite home base in the shade of Hampton Court Palace, London. After a trip to the heart of White Lion territories, Rev Scott returned to celebrate the launch of One United Roar and offer her generous support to help us build an orphan/elders centre for our local community. The White Lions now grace her work for humanity.

Jason A. Turner is a specialist lion ecologist who has been studying the predator-prey dynamics of the lion prides in the Timbavati region for nearly 2 decades. After meeting Linda Tucker and reading her pioneering work on the White Lions, he has dedicated his research to furthering the scientific knowledge of these genetic rarities, as well as their urgent protection. Jason led the collaborative genetic study with seven different countries, including the UK, States, Namibia, Korea and Canada, (using comparative research between White Lions, Snow Leopards, Tigers and White Kermode Bears), which discovered the White Lion Genetic Marker in 2013. This ground-breaking discovery has enabled him to pursue protected status for the White Lions as a sub-species or sub-population, and the capstone animal for ecosystem conservation in the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.

Jill Angelo is an author and author’s publicist, operating out of Chicago. After numerous trips to White Lion territories, Jill was inspired to establish her own sanctuary and rescue center for Chicago’s abused and abandoned dogs: Dog Moon Farm.

Kumm-sa Robertson originates from the Kumani Bushmen people of the Kalahari, first nation of the First Nations. After making a long journey overland to meet with Linda, Marah and her pride in 2004, the lion ‘spirit ancestors’ have worked closely with his people and in 2015, helped inspire his efforts to reclaim the almost-lost NuuKi language of his clan.

Leslie Temple-Thurston and her life partner, Brad Laughlin are ordained ministers and new-paradigm educators operating out Sante Fe. After meeting with Linda Tucker and reading her book Mystery of the White Lions, the founders of the philanthropic organisation, Corelight generously donated the founding funds to secure the Heartlands of the White Lions ancestral territories, Tsau.

Mireille Vince was the founding Patron of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. After reading an article on Linda Tucker’s conservation work in the London Daily Mail, Mireille made an instantaneous decision to come out to South Africa, and deliver the funds to free Marah and her cubs. She also went on to donate substantial support to help Linda secure their Heartlands. Now sadly deceased, her ashes are laid under the baobab in Tsau’s Heartlands, and son generous Ray Vince carries on her legacy of support.

Phillippa Hankinson is a conservationist with a long-standing supporter of the White Lions. She served on the Board of Trustees of the Global White Lion Protection between 2009-2014, then went on to found Regulus Vision which filmed the Blood Lions documentary, bringing the long-standing horrors of the notorious canned lion industry to international attention.

Shelley Ostroff is an animal right’s campaigner operating out of Jerusalem, Israel. After a pilgrimage to White Lion territories in 2012, Shelley was inspired to launch a global petition to Pope Francis, calling upon His Holiness to act in support of Nature. She also ensured that her thesis A Testament of Now together with Linda Tucker’s book Mystery of the White Lions (now translated into Italian – Il mistero dei leoni bianchi) was delivered into safe-keeping of the Pope in person. In June 2015, His Holiness published his revolutionary Encyclical, 180-page document addressing climate change and the oppression of nature as well as the needless suffering, killing and extinction of animals caused by humans.

Sheryl Leach is a Hollywood producer and one of the world’s leading educationalists and philanthropists, based in Connecticut, USA. After reading Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions and arriving in White Lion territories at the invitation of Dr Apela Colorado, Sheryl made an instantanious LionHearted decision to provide the funds for Aslan’s freedom (in a black ops rescue mission), as well as purchasing the ancient land of Tula, over 1600 acres of pristine wilderness to extend the White Lions Protected Area. She has offered her support to the lion cause ever since.

Maurice Fernandez is an internationally renowned astrologer, operating out of Israel and Hawaii. After a trip to White Lion territories in 2006, Maurice became a committed supporter and animal rights activist, directing large-scale funds to the cause, and pioneering astrological knowledge which uncovers their stellar origins.

Wynter Worsthorne is an international authority on animal communication, operating out of London and Cape Town. In 2002, she was inspired by the groundbreaking material delivered in Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions, to lead workshops to White Lion territories. The accuracy of her pioneering interspecies methods have become an invaluable bench-mark for Jason and his scientific time.

If the White Lions and Linda Tucker’s ground-breaking disclosures in Mystery of the White Lions have inspired you to change your world for the better, please let us know.
We’d like to acknowledge you and your important work.

“Lions have been associated with humankind’s leadership since the beginning of time. Their iconic role is more important now than ever”

– Linda Tucker

One United Roar

The Elders Speak for Lions and Nature

Elders join Linda Tucker in a plea to protect lions as a living heritage


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Linda Tucker Foundation

********** GERMAN TRANSLATION BELOW **********

Ignite Your LionHeart - A LionHearted Leadership™ Retreat with Linda Tucker (in English with German Translation)

"When you bring your true nature back into harmony with Mother Nature, realigning head with heart, you suddenly find you're able to restore balance, health and resilience in your own world. I call this amazing process: 'A-LION-MENT'." - Linda Tucker

In this exclusive retreat, Linda Tucker shares what the legendary White Lions can teach us about our own capacity for LionHearted Leadership in a world in transition.

Over this transformational weekend, Linda will work with you to introduce the teachings that she was initiated into, over 25 years ago, by Shangaan medicine women and Shamans. After an introduction into the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, each participant will experience in depth one or more of the Laws, as you actively review and reshape your own unique blueprint and consider how you can adjust your own course to follow your true purpose as an awakening LionHeart.

We will get outside into nature as much as we can, in a pristine natural area of beauty and quiet.

This seminar has a limited number of spaces. Your reservation is definitive only with payment of the participation fee to the Fondation Lascaux. Please book the room also directly at the Fondation Lascaux.

Linda Tucker grew up in South Africa, where in 1991 she was rescued from an angered pride of Lions by a Shangaan medicine woman known as The Lion Queen of Timbavati. Since then, Linda faithfully and courageously works with and teaches these ancient truths which she was initiated in to become a lion priestess herself. She is author of Mystery of the White Lions, Saving the White Lions, and LionHearted Leadership™.

Retreat price: CHF 380.00. Register here:


LionHearted Leadership™: Ent amme dein Löwenherz
Seminar mit Linda Tucker
(in englischer sprache mit deutscher Übersetzung)

"Wenn du deine wahre Natur wieder in Einklang mit der Mutter Natur bringst, wenn du den Kopf mit dem Herzen in Einklang bringst, stellst du plötzlich fest, dass du in der Lage bist, das Gleichgewicht, die Gesundheit und die Widerstandsfähigkeit in deiner eigenen Welt wieder herzustellen. Ich nenne diesen erstaunlichen Prozess: 'A-LION-MENT'." - Linda Tucker

In diesem exklusiven seminar erzählt Linda tucker, was die legendären Weissen Löwen uns über unsere eigenen Fähigkeiten für LionHearted Leadership™ in einer Welt im umbruch lehren können. sie wird uns in die Lehren einführen, in die sie vor über 25 Jahren von einer shangaan Medizinfrau und von schamanen initiiert wurde.

Nach der Einführung in die 13 weisen naturgesetze von LionHearted Leadership™ wird sich jeder teilnehmende in ein oder mehrere Gesetze vertiefen. Während wir uns aktiv mit unserem eigenen, einzigartigen «Blueprint» befassen und diesen neu gestalten, richten wir unseren Fokus mit einem erweckten Löwenherzen auf unser wahres Potential. Wir werden so weit wie möglich draussen in der natur sein, in einem unberührten naturparadieses voller stille und schönheit.

Linda Tucker, aufgewachsen in Südafrika, wurde 1991 von Löwen angegriffen und schliesslich von einer Medizinfrau gerettet. diese Erfahrung veränderte ihr Leben. sie liess sich von afrikanischen stammesältesten und schamaninnen zur Löwenpriesterin initiieren. seitdem setzt sie sich unermüdlich weltweit für den schutz der Weissen Löwen von timbavati und der heiligen tiere vieler indigener Völker ein. sie ist autorin von Mystery of the White Lions, Saving the White Lions und LionHearted Leadership™.
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Linda Tucker Foundation


LionHearted Leadership™: The Meaning of the White Lions for Humanity
Lecture with Linda Tucker (in English with German translation)

"Although my work with the White Lions dates back over decades, my focus these days is on harmonious coexistence between people and Nature - that's how we remember our true natures. Out of decades of campaigning for these luminous animals and their right to survive and flourish in the natural world, a LionHearted Leadership™ model has emerged that's capable of igniting our won hearts and healing our human world." - Linda Tucker

In this public lecture, pioneering conservationist and author, Linda Tucker, shares what the legendary White Lions - Nature's King of Kings - can teach us about our own capacity for LionHearted Leadership™ in a world in transition.

As ecologists have now established, the lion, as apex predator, restores health and balance to all animal and plant species in its ecosystem: all the way down the trophic levels of the food chain to the earth. Much as the Lion is responsible for maintaining continuity of life in the ecosystems, so the human leader takes responsibility for the continuity of living heritage.

The 13 Laws are imperative teachings that we, as a species, are called to urgently return to now, if we are to rebalance and bring harmony back to the world.

Award-winning conservationist and author, Linda Tucker's life and work has focused on protecting the legendary White Lions as a living heritage, and inspirational leadership model. Her life with lions began in 1991 after a threatening encounter with a pride of lions which prompted her to mobilize a global movement, campaigning through Parliaments, world congresses, TV interviews, NPOs; and by securing vast protected heritage lands in the heart of their ancestral territories, she has successfully rewilded the White Lions.


LionHearted Leadership™:
Die Bedeutung der Weissen Löwen für die menschliche Zukunft
Vortrag mit Linda Tucker
(in englischer sprache mit deutscher Übersetzung)

"Nach jahrzehntelanger Arbeit mit den Weissen Löwen konzentriere ich mich heute auf eine harmonische Koexistenz von Mensch und Natur – welche uns an unsere wahre Natur erinnert. Aus vielen Kampagnen für das Geburtsrecht dieser strahlenden Tiere, in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung zu überleben und zu gedeihen, hat sich ein LionHearted Leadership-Modell entwickelt. Ein Zukunftsmodell mit dem Potential, unsere Herzen zu entflammen und einen Beitrag zu leisten an die Heilung unseres Planeten." - Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker, die mit vielen Preisen und Ehrungen ausgezeichnete naturschützerin und autorin, wird uns in ihrem bewegenden Vortrag in die Welt der Weissen Löwen mitneh- men und uns mitteilen, was die «Könige der Könige» der natur uns über unsere eige- nen Fähigkeiten für eine LionHearted Leadership™ in dieser Welt im umbruch lehren kön- nen.

So wie der Löwe für die aufrechterhaltung der Lebenskontinuität in seinem Ökosystem verantwortlich ist, so ist es unsere Verantwortung, die Kontinuität unseres lebendigen Erbes zu bewahren .und zu den uralten Gesetzen zurückzukehren, die unerlässlich sind, wenn wir in der Welt Harmonie wiederherstellen wollen.

Als wegweisende naturschützerin konzentriert sich Linda tucker darauf, die legendären Weissen Löwen als leben- diges Erbe und inspirierendes Führungsmodell zu schützen. ihr Leben mit Löwen begann 1991 nach einer lebensbedroh- lichen Erfahrung mit einem Rudel Löwen, die sie dazu veran- lasste, eine globale Bewegung zu mobilisieren, Kampagnen durch Parlamente, Weltkongresse, tV-interviews, nPos zu lancieren. Es gelang ihr grosse teile der Wildnis als geschütztes Gebiet für die Wiederansiedlung der Weissen Löwen zu sichern.
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1 month ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

Linda and Jason are presenting again in South African Parliament today!

Please send them your support as they once again tackle the horrific trophy hunting industry.Historic day: Linda and Jason are back in South African Parliament today, for further discussions on the proposed MORATORIUM on trophy hunting of lions in the greater Kruger area.

The topic for today's inquiry is "Community perspectives on benefit-sharing in the western boundary of the Kruger National Park".

Linda and Jason have ensured that the voices of community leaders and traditional healers from the Timbavati region are not only heard, but that these representatives are actually present to share their views in Parliament today.
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What an amazing Academy this year, reaching across cultures, ages and disciplines. The LionHearted Leadership training in the White Lion Heartlands reconnects human nature to Mother Nature, equipping us with the transformation tools to help restore our world. ... See MoreSee Less

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Enchanted circle: our Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ takes place in Camp Unicorn in the middle of the White Lion Heartlands. An Inyala ewe and her lamb look on. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

Linda Tucker Foundation

Many of you have met the StarLion family. We invite your support especially over Christmas to ensure their safety and freedom.MEET THE STARLIONS – Ingwavuma II

This Holiday Season Give the Gift of A Day of Freedom to the White Lions
Make your holiday season more meaningful by giving our endangered White Lions the chance to be free-roaming, as is their nature-given right
We measure value in Days Of Freedom: One Day of Freedom for each White Lion Costs $85.
CLICK ON THE LINK and give the gift of a Day of Freedom to Ingwavuma II this Festive Season

Our Little Prince, Ingwavuma II, was born on the 8:8th StarGate Portal to Marah’s son Letaba, and the glorious Khanyezi, a golden lioness who dug her way into our Heartlands from the greater Kruger system 3 years ago. This incredibly strong personality is named after the formidable Ingwavuma I, Linda Tucker’s guardian lion who was tragically hunted by
an American trophy hunter in Timbavati on 22 August 2000.

Pure charm and personality, it was clear he was going to be an ambassador from day one, indicating that he would turn into a true LionHearted Leader in the very near future…

Affectionate, brave and curious, the Sun Prince stole our hearts – who can resist those inquisitive eyes and little white cheeks?
Every day that passes, Ingwavuma gets bigger and more independent – and one day soon he will have to go out and be the leader of a pride of his own.

FOLLOW THE LINK to donate a Day of Freedom to Ingwavuma this Festive Season, and help us acquire more land for Ingwavuma to roam upon.

Don't go to the Mall to shop! This is an EASY way to give the people you love in your life a beautiful meaningful gift for Christmas. We will send you a personalized card FOR EACH donation you give for a family member or dear friend. Now that's special!
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