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The Linda Tucker Foundation was founded by author and conservationist Linda Tucker to support lions and LionHearted Leadership™ in humanity.

The legendary White Lions are the most charismatic animal on earth – yet, tragically, the most targeted trophy. Regarded as the “King of Kings” by African elders, they were removed from their natural habitat into zoos and circuses around the globe, and worse, captive death camps in South Africa, where they have been actively bred for the bullet.
Linda Tucker has dedicated her life to campaigning for the protection of the rare White Lions, ensuring their restoration as the capstone species in their ecosystem, the UN designated Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. She is also CEO and Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

According to Linda Tucker, the leadership of tomorrow is LionHearted Leadership – characterized by that “quality of fearlessness inspired by Love and Respect for Nature, that enables us to change our world.”

As a living example of leadership in action, Linda Tucker equips others with the tools to become powerful agents of change at a time when this LionHearted quality is critically needed.

She does so through her White Lion Leadership Academy; her StarLion eco-educational program for emerging youth leaders; and her own ongoing pioneering efforts together with her partner Jason A. Turner and the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which models mutual benefit for Lions, Land and People in one of the world’s last surviving wildlife regions.

Now she is launching the One United Roar Talent Challenge, a worldwide video contest that will provide children (under 15) and young adults (16-21) with the chance to help save our lions and our planet.

The Talent Challenge is designed to activate the LionHeart in humans. Launched on 22 August 2016 in the month of Leo to commemorate CECIL the Lion (whose brutal killing last year at this time by an American tourist touched the hearts of millions), the One United Roar Talent Challenge invites you to speak for the lions, whether you sing, dance, act, or give a speech, make your ROAR heard.

Amazing prizes include an opportunity to travel to White Lion territories, and become an ambassador for lions during the CITES Convention 2016, when the world’s policy makers will determine the fate of Panthera leo.

OneunitedRoar talent challenge – enter now

One United Roar
Talent Challenge – enter now

Linda with Marah, the lioness she rescued and returned to the wild with her cubs

LionHearts Music Video

OneUnitedRoar SABC Primetime Newsclip


Our first Talent Challenge is now closed
but we want to hear from you.


The battle for our endangered wildlife continues, there are opportunities to JOIN US in winning this battle.

This Youth platform provides the ideal stage to get your message seen and heard by Hollywood talent scouts
and policy makers deciding the fate of our planet.

One United ROAR Campaign for Lions



"Ask the Lion"


Veronica Coetzer is an extraordinary artist who uses her medium of photography to draw the viewer into a multi-dimensional world of colour, motion and form. In a joyful collaboration and celebration of her deep connection to the lions, Veronica has created a limited series of images which has inspired us throughout the design of this website. Veronica donates a percentage of the proceeds from this Collection to the White Lions.

LionHeartedness is that quality of fearlessness, inspired by Love and Respect for Nature,
that empowers us to change our world”
Linda Tucker

Photographic Imagery
Visit her Collection
Please note that photographs on this site are property of the White Lion Protection Trust and may not be reproduced without written permission of the WLT.
Photographers: Veronica Coetzer, Karen-Jane Dudley, Maurice Fernandez, Anthony Smyth, Beth Duncan, Jason A.Turner
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Join us in prayer this week as we visualize Lions restored to their pride of place in the ecosystem. We will hold accountable those so-called authorities attempting to legalize the lion bone trade and captive killing of Africa's most iconic species.

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Only a few weeks now until our very special day of communication and celebration of the sacred White Lions of Timbavati. In the sacred lands of Glastonbury we are inviting 36 people to join us to spend the day together.

We will be practicing the skill of inter species communication with our own pets and the very special Lions that reside at our conservancy in South Africa, learning about the latest work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and having a shared celebratory lunch together, with ALL PROCEEDS going directly to the White Lion Trust.

Tickets are selling well so please don't delay and be disappointed, why not make a weekend of it and visit the sacred sites of Glastonbury too?

Get your tickets here and read all about the day:

We look forward to welcoming you along to this magical Journey with the Star Lions! Love Julie XXX

P.S. Please share this post with people you know who might be interested too. Thanks.
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Journey With The Star Lions

March 12, 2017, 10:00am - March 12, 2017, 7:00pm

A Communication with the Sacred White Lions of Timbavati Come and join us for a magical day of communication and celebration with these very special Star Lions of South Africa. Learn also about the pioneering work of Linda Tucker and the White Lion Trust, whilst actively supporting us by attending this special event. This is the second event of its kind to be held in the UK, by the trust. We are honoured and delighted to be bringing this event to the ancient, sacred lands and spiritual community of Glastonbury. During your time with us we will give you an update on the work of the trust but we will be spending most of the day practicing our interspecies communication. This day is suitable for beginners or more advanced students and all are welcome! Working with photographs of our own animals (please bring them with you) and also, of course, the majestic White Lions and Golden Lionesses at our conservancy in Timbavati, we will have an opportunity to really quieten our busy minds and open and develop our heart to heart connection with these amazing souls. We will spend time in guided group meditations as well as individually working with photographs, sharing what we have received, as we wish to. The day will be facilitated again by Julie Lines, who heads up the UK office of the trust. Julie is an interspecies communicator, leadership coach and facilitator. Julie brings her passion and expertise to guide you on this journey with a light and experienced touch. Lorraine Phillips will be working alongside Julie and is a hugely sensitive and loving animal healer and communicator. She is a wonderful member of our UK team and this whole event was an inspired idea straight from her heart – so thank you Lorraine! We are asking everyone to bring something to share for lunch (a LionHearted Shared Celebration!) and we will provide all liquid refreshments (a selection of hot and cold beverages included). You will also have some free time to browse and shop at the White Lion Trust shop, where Linda’s books, fine art and prints, the White Lion Leadership cards, Lions Raw chocolate (delicious AND good for you!) and many more beautiful White Lion items will be available. All proceeds, after costs, from this event go directly to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust, so you know that your attendance is directly helping to support and give back to the White Lions, who give so much to humanity and all life. Tickets are £65. We have just 36 tickets available due to the room size, so we would advise you to book your places early. We hope you will be able to join us on the day and we look forward to bringing the magic and wisdom of the White Lions to Glastonbury. Get your tickets at the link provided and please read all details on this webpage carefully before booking your tickets. Thank you!

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Zukhara and Cleopatra...!

Zukhara and Cleopatra were together on the Marah Plains this morning, enjoying the sense of paradise, as we continue to get good steady rains in the bushveld!
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‘Prof’ Harry’s ground-breaking study at the White Lion Trust: Zoopolis dawning?

Dr. Harry Wels, an organisational anthropologist from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands, affectionately and respectfully referred to as ‘Prof’, did 'new paradigm' field research for a period of three months at the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

He stayed at Mbube, a buffer area in the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Zone (GKEPZ), and home of the Akeru Pride: Letaba, Regeus, (the two white males), Khayezi and Khanyisa (the two tawny females). Harry’s research focuses on the ideal of how far human and non-human animals can live together in a society in which they both have citizen rights, a so-called ‘Zoopolis’. This is how he himself looks back on his stay at Mbube, source of the Timbavati River, the life blood and umbilical cord of the white lion, endemic to this unique territory.

‘As a social scientist I am used to studying humans: I interview them, I read the texts they produce and I make appointments with them for conversations during the course of my research. The data I gather I use to analyse the situation and build an argument, which I then write down in an academic text, an article or a book. For the very first time in my research career of 30 years I tried to include animals in my research as respondents, just like I include human animals in my research. For this I had to rely on not only observing and monitoring their behaviour according to scientific conventions, but also communicating with the animals, the lions in particular, to try to get their understanding of the situation. I located them twice daily by vehicle using radio-tracking equipment, and stayed with them for hours every day, I observed them, I tried to relate to them, I tried to empathise with them, I tried to pick up, interpret and understand what they had to say to me. The many really special moments with the lions and in the bush have convinced me that they have something to tell us, to everyone of us, if only we are prepared to open up and willing to listen to them. Unfortunately, humans in general do not usually listen to animals or to nature in general anymore. In this world we have the idea that we humans are superior to any other sentient being, or any other life force for that matter, and we can (mis)treat them as we like. This is not how the Global White Lion Protection Trust goes about relating to animals. They try to live with respect and love for animals; they try and live the dawning of Zoopolis’.

In light of the recent shocking news that captive lion hunting will continue in South Africa and the lion bone trade from captive lions is legalised, the publishing of the principles of Prof Harry’s study and Zoopolis is critical - to show that animals are not a commodity for humans to exploit and they do not have to justify their existence, they are a fundamental part of the ecosystem and the ecological balance.
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This June, Beth Duncan and I will be guiding another group of amazing souls on our White Lion Journey - Connecting to the Heart Through Love, Light and Shadow. Are you looking to step into your true nature? To be a leader in your own life and to be who you are truly meant to be? Are you drawn to the sacred White Lions of Timbavati? Are you dedicated to serving the planet, offering your talents and gifts for the highest and best? If you are committed to your own spiritual path and feel that you are ready to come and serve on White Lion Territories, this may be the retreat you are searching for. Our key theme this year is Renewing and Reshaping Your Life to Your Souls Blueprint. This short video will give you a sense of what this feels like and if you visit this weblink you can download our full brochure. Please e-mail me if you are interested and ready at

Sending much love and appreciation, Julie, UK office. XXXXX
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Are you looking for a journey that not only fills your soul, but also does something good for others? This 3-minute video will give you a glimpse into our 2017 spiritual journey to the White Lion lands of Timbavati, June 10-19, 2017. Proceeds directly benefit the White Lions. Contact: for more information.

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Sacred Leadership for a World in Transition

January 7, 2017, 10:00am - January 15, 2017, 1:00pm

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