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The Linda Tucker Foundation was founded by author and conservationist Linda Tucker to support lions and LionHearted Leadership™ in humanity.

The legendary White Lions are the most charismatic animal on earth – yet, tragically, the most targeted trophy. Regarded as the “King of Kings” by African elders, they were removed from their natural habitat into zoos and circuses around the globe, and worse, captive death camps in South Africa, where they have been actively bred for the bullet.
Linda Tucker has dedicated her life to campaigning for the protection of the rare White Lions, ensuring their restoration as the capstone species in their ecosystem, the UN designated Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. She is also CEO and Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

According to Linda Tucker, the leadership of tomorrow is LionHearted Leadership – characterized by that “quality of fearlessness inspired by Love and Respect for Nature, that enables us to change our world.”

As a living example of leadership in action, Linda Tucker equips others with the tools to become powerful agents of change at a time when this LionHearted quality is critically needed.

She does so through her White Lion Leadership Academy; her StarLion eco-educational program for emerging youth leaders; and her own ongoing pioneering efforts together with her partner Jason A. Turner and the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which models mutual benefit for Lions, Land and People in one of the world’s last surviving wildlife regions.

Now she is launching the One United Roar Talent Challenge, a worldwide video contest that will provide children (under 15) and young adults (16-21) with the chance to help save our lions and our planet.

The Talent Challenge is designed to activate the LionHeart in humans. Launched on 22 August 2016 in the month of Leo to commemorate CECIL the Lion (whose brutal killing last year at this time by an American tourist touched the hearts of millions), the One United Roar Talent Challenge invites you to speak for the lions, whether you sing, dance, act, or give a speech, make your ROAR heard.

Amazing prizes include an opportunity to travel to White Lion territories, and become an ambassador for lions during the CITES Convention 2016, when the world’s policy makers will determine the fate of Panthera leo.

OneunitedRoar talent challenge – enter now

One United Roar
Talent Challenge – enter now

Linda with Marah, the lioness she rescued and returned to the wild with her cubs

LionHearts Music Video

OneUnitedRoar SABC Primetime Newsclip

So you want to make a difference?


 LionHearted™ youth leadership platform

If you are brave or talented, we want to hear from you.

Contact us to become a LionHearted Ranger

LionHearted Rangers are next-generation youth leaders, who are part of the LionHearted Ranger Unit - actively and courageously working on solutions to redress the wrongs perpetrated against Lions and Wildlife in general.

This LionHearted™ Youth platform provides the ideal stage to get your message seen and heard, and change policies that are damaging our planet.

The battle for our endangered wildlife continues.
JOIN US in winning this battle for peace on Earth.

Contact us on:

One United ROAR Campaign for Lions



"Ask the Lion"


Veronica Coetzer is an extraordinary artist who uses her medium of photography to draw the viewer into a multi-dimensional world of colour, motion and form. In a joyful collaboration and celebration of her deep connection to the lions, Veronica has created a limited series of images which has inspired us throughout the design of this website. Veronica donates a percentage of the proceeds from this Collection to the White Lions.

LionHeartedness is that quality of fearlessness, inspired by Love and Respect for Nature,
that empowers us to change our world”
Linda Tucker


Photographic Imagery

Visit her Collection

Please note that photographs on this site are property of the White Lion Protection Trust and may not be reproduced without written permission of the WLT.

Photographers: Veronica Coetzer, Karen-Jane Dudley, Maurice Fernandez, Anthony Smyth, Beth Duncan, Jason A.Turner



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Farewell and safe travels to one of the last great Lion Shamans of the First Nations.
22 April was the day Maria Khosa died in 2000: Earth Day.
Oom Jan Si Ku, gentle leader of first nation of First Nations Bushman people of the Kalahari, passed on this day, Earth Day 2017.
Linda mourns her very dear friend, whose name means “first of Kumani people.”
Linda has been working with Oom Jan since the 90s, they presented together at the Summit for Sustainable Utilization in 2002, and he travelled to Tsau to do ceremony at the Baobab site in preparation for Marah’s release.
Some of our supporters have been fortunate enough to meet with this inspirational healer during the Leadership Academy, and on the tour organized by Linda and Maurice to the Kalahari.
We honor this great Lion Spirit, as Marah and Mandla come to welcome him home to take up his place with Queen Maria in the stars.
Tsau! Beloved Lion of the Kalahari!
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LionHearted communicators Shelley Ostroff and Kelly Schlesinger produced this wonderful video for From Democracy to Eco-Governance. We clearly hear the message of the Lions. Happy Earth Day everybody! ... See MoreSee Less

"When we shift from a human-centered perspective to an eco-centered perspective we humbly recognize ourselves as one small part of the larger whole." Eco-governance protects and implements the vitality code - the life-enhancing code of Creation. #Earthday #FromDemocracytoEcogovernance #TogetherinCreation #TheVitalityCode

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This is hugely exciting news! Well done to New Zealand. Now let's hope they truly follow through and appoint local indigenous wisdom keepers as the representatives of this new legal entity. ... See MoreSee Less

Te Urewera national park has been granted legal personhood, meaning nobody owns it. The park has the same rights and powers as a citizen. The ruling could set a new precedent for land rights and conservation around the world.

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Exciting news! Applications are now being received for our 2017 White Lion Leadership Academy Programme held on White Lion Territories between November 22-December 22. Are YOU ready to ignite your LionHeart and step up and into your unique life mission in these challenging times we are living in? If so please read on and get in touch with Julie at the e-mail below:

The White Lion Leadership Academy was born out of a growing understanding of what it is that White Lions represent. In the wild, they are apex predators, the capstone animal which holds in place the natural order in the ecosystem. In history, they are symbolically linked to royalty, kingship, and governance at the highest levels. They represent everything that is good and true in leadership, from their intrinsic connection to the life-sustaining sun to the guardianship, creative force and abundance that humans through the ages have associated with them.

Over years of working with spiritual groups who came to White Lion Territory, Linda Tucker came to realise that humans were looking for a way home. The collective search for a return to truth, connectivity with Nature, a wholesome and holistic way of working in harmony with the earth and all of life, was as deep and abiding as the eternal soul. And the White Lions themselves, linked as they are to the inner sun of the human psyche, were illuminating the path to that peaceful and harmonious state of being.

From the foundation of this deep Greater Knowledge, Linda worked with a close group of trusted professional associates to birth the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership. In our human striving for excellence, purpose and fulfillment, these 13 Laws enable each of us to connect with the LionHearted leader within. They teach us how to work with ourselves, with each other and with nature to bring into being a state of harmony that will, ultimately, enable us to save our planet from the consequences of the terrible imbalances that our human unconsciousness has brought about. This is the kind of empowering transference of knowledge that can transform humanity, change the course of history and save the world.

The White Lion Leadership Academy is a deeply powerful ignition programme that annually invites a small group of carefully selected individuals to become a part of. If you feel you are one of these people being called to join this year please contact Julie Lines at [email protected]
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A few magical moments from the visit of our One United Roar winners, and the Gala Occasion at Crawford College ... See MoreSee Less

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“The Winner of the One United Roar is……”

Hollywood youth stars united with the young LionHearted activists and asked them to stand together as a pride, in this powerful statement issued by Emma Perry
“In this legalized cuddle-and-kill industry, there are no winners.

“If our lions die, we all lose.

“Addison and I commend this pride of brave youth activists. Thank you for speaking for Lions where adults have failed to hear. We ask the StarLion pride to stick together as a pride - keep united, and many others will join you as we all support the One United Roar.
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Join Haley Pullos, myself, the #lindatucker foundation and our entire #oneunitedroar pride as we raise awareness and bring hope for future generations to be able to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of these amazing creatures 💕! I will not support captive breeding and cub petting industries, which are supporting the industries of Canned Lion Hunting and lion bone trade.....we have to learn that what we do today, affects more than just "our" tomorrows, these are endangered animals, and if anything, they should be treasured and allowed to live out the lives they were meant to live! #whiteliontrust #lion #standupforwhatyoubelievein 🦁✨

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Such an impressive line up of talent at our One United Roar gala celebration last night. So - can you guess who was the overall winner announced by Hollywood teen sensation Emmy Perry? ... See MoreSee Less

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Our local and international youth representatives have been kept busy having loads of fun! Here are some photos of their first few days in the bushveld ... See MoreSee Less

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Everyone arrived safely yesterday from all over the globe. We enjoyed a beautiful welcome ceremony at the Rock Star Lion and our chef excelled with her traditional potjie dinner. We missed Megan Dudley, our UK finalist whose university studies prevented her from joining us. Megan donated her ticket money to sponsor three StarLion Ambassadors from local schools. You are a LionHearted hero, Megan, and so worthy of your place in our pride ... See MoreSee Less

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Asia Schilling-Guez from India is our next Winning Pride member. Is she the one? Will her name be the one the Hollywood Stars announce as the Big Winner of the One United Roar Talent Challenge during our Gala Evening on 30 March? ... See MoreSee Less

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Po Panis Colorado from Hawaii is one of our Global Talent Challenge winning pride. Teenage Hollywood stars will announce the overall winner at our event in Johannesburg on 30 March. Will it be Po? ... See MoreSee Less

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